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Personality Principles of Career Success
The traditional view of what it takes to have a successful career is that you need the right skills and the determination to stick it out until success comes along. While generations have gone to work and spent their career "just sticking it out" this path is not likely to generate career success.
What is Career Success?
Career success is much more than just finding a job and not being fired. True career success combines skill, motivation, determination, and personality to create a livelihood that is fulfilling as well as financially rewarding. You may weight each of these things differently than other people, but they are all in there somewhere if you have a truly successful career.
What Does Personality Have to do With It?
Wait a minute. You parents may have told you that if you work hard, follow the rules and stay focused you will be successful. They told you to develop marketable skills, a strong work ethic and find a good job. They didn't mention personality at all. What does personality really have to do with career success?
A great deal, as a matter of fact. If you take on a career that does not suit your personality type and provide some sense of personal fulfillment, you will constantly struggle to stay motivated and enthusiastic about your job. In other words, you may perform your job in a satisfactory manner but you probably hate it and have to force yourself to meet your job performance requirements.
If you take on a career that fits with your personality type, you will have far fewer troubles staying motivated, fulfilling your responsibilities and feeling satisfied with your job. Even during difficult times and the inevitable challenges of life, if your career fits well with your personality you will do well.
Personality preferences to consider
Everyone has certain personality preferences and attributes that affect their likes, dislikes, and motivation. When you pursue a career that does not fit your personality type, no matter how strong your skills may be your will eventually struggle to stay motivated.
So what personality preferences should you consider? Here are a few examples:
Structure - Do you like working in a structured, rules-oriented environment? Or would you prefer to be in a more flexible, variable environment?

Rules - Do you follow the rules no matter what? Do you follow the rules for a while until you get bored with them and then start to ignore them? Or do you detest any kind of rules and prefer to make up your own as you go along?

Creativity - Do you like the freedom to be creative and come up with new, innovative ideas? Or would you rather leave that "dreaming" stuff up to someone else?

Regimen - Do you get a sense of safety and satisfaction from following a particular routine each day? Or does doing the same thing more than one day in a row bore you out of your mind?

Freedom - Do you have the motivation and self-discipline to handle the freedom to set your own schedule, develop your own performance goals or work from home? Or do you need someone else to set the boundaries for you and perhaps even guide you along the way?

Formality - Do you like being in formal situations with specific etiquette and behavioral expectations? Or do you prefer a more casual environment where you can be more relaxed and let your personality emerge?

The Importance of Self Knowledge
Assessing your personality type is all about self knowledge. Nobody else can do this for you; it takes honest and sometimes brutal examination of your inner self to truly uncover your personality type and preferences. Once you do this, though, you will be well on your way to matching your personality with a career that is rewarding and successful.
Remember, skills and motivation are simply not enough because eventually your personality preferences will take hold and cause you grief. It is far better to balance personality, skills and motivation right from the start to make a good career choice that will lead to success for you.

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